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Relevant for Models: QM9700 and QM9790

This manual describes the installation and basic use of the NVIDIA 1U NDR InfiniBand switch systems based on the NVIDIA Quantum™-2 switch ASIC. This manual is intended for IT managers and system administrators.

Ordering Information

System ModelNVIDIA SKULegacy OPNDescriptionLifecycle Phase
QM9700920-9B210-00FN-0M0 MQM9700-NS2F64-ports NDR, 32 OSFP ports, managed, power-to-connector (P2C) airflow (forward)Mass Production
920-9B210-00RN-0M2 MQM9700-NS2R64-ports NDR, 32 OSFP ports, managed, connector-to-power (C2P) airflow (reverse)Mass Production
QM9790920-9B210-00FN-0D0 MQM9790-NS2F64-ports NDR, 32 OSFP ports, unmanaged, P2C airflow (forward)Mass Production
920-9B210-00RN-0D0 MQM9790-NS2R64-ports NDR, 32 OSFP ports, unmanaged, C2P airflow (reverse)Mass Production

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