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mlxarchive is not installed by default, and requires installing MFT with the --oem option.

The mlxarchive tool allows the user to create a file with the MFA2 extension. The new file contains several binary files of a given firmware for different adapter cards.

mlxarchive accepts the following attributes as its input:

  • --bins-dir - The path to a folder with the binary files that will be included in the MFA2 file
  • --version - The MFA2 file’s version
  • --out-file - The output of the mlxarchive file (MFA2 file)
  • -m|--mfa2-file mfa2_file - MFA2 file to parse


mlxarchive --bins-dir /full/path/to/bin/directory/ --version 1.1.1 --out-file out.mfa2 mlxarchive --mfa2-file out.mfa2
Creation Time  : 2019-09-18 08:35:43
Devices	2
PSID	: <…>
Num of Images	1
Index	0
Version : 10.16.1200
Date   : 2019-09-18 08:35:43 PSID	: <…>
Num of Images	1
Index	1
Version : 10.16.1200
Date	: 2019-09-18 08:35:43

mlxarchive Synopsis

[--help] [--version version] [--out-file out_file] [--bins-dir bins_dir] [-m|--mfa2-file mfa2_file]


--helpShows the help message and exit
--version version MFA2’s version in the following format: x.x.x
--out-file out_file The output file
-bins-dir bins_dir

The directory with the binaries files

-m|--mfa2-file mfa2_fileMfa2 file to parse

The .mfa2 file can be used with ethtool to burn adapter cards firmware. The procedure is described in Updating Firmware Using ethtool/devlink and .mfa2 File section.