Launching an NVIDIA GPU Cloud VM with the Alibaba Console

Creating the NVIDIA GPU Cloud VM Instance

  1. Log on the Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (ECS) console -
  2. Search for NVIDIA GPU, then select the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Virtual Machine Image.
  3. Click Choose your plan from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Virtual Machine Image product page.

  4. Near the bottom of the page, click ECS Advanced Purchase page.

  5. Make the following selections from the Basic Configurations page..
    1. For Billing Method, select Pay-As-You-Go.

    2. For Region, select one that contains the image (e.g. “US-West 1 Zone B“), and then a region from the dropdown menu (for example, US.West 1 (Silicon Valley)). Note that not all regions support GPU instances.
    3. For Instance Type,click Heterogeneous Compute and then locate and select a GPU Compute Type gn5 instance according to your GPU and memory requirements.
    4. For Image, select Marketplace Image, and then make sure the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Virtual Machine Image is selected .
    5. For Storage, add a disk for dataset storage by clicking Add Disk under Data Disk, and then entering the storage size. Recommended minimum dataset storage size is 1 TB (1024 GB)
    6. Click Next: Networking.
  6. Make the following selections from the Networking page.
    1. For Security Group, click Select Security Group.
    2. Select your security group from the list, then click Select. Make sure you created a Security Group as explained in the section Set Up Security Groups

    3. Click Next: System Configurations.
  7. Make the following selections from the System Configurations page.
    1. Make sure Key Pair is selected for Log On Credentials.
    2. Click the Key Pair list arrow and then select your key pair.
  8. Click Preview, then review your configuration.
  9. Click the Terms of Service check box, indicating your acceptance, and then click Create Instance.

  10. At the Activated message, click Console.

    Wait until your instance status is Running, then you can connect to the instance using SSH.

Connecting to the VM Instance with SSH

Once started, you can SSH into your instance using the SSH key for the root user. If you followed the setup in this tutorial, your key is in ~/.ssh/.

Command syntax:

ssh -i <KEYPATH> root@<IP>


ssh -i ~/.ssh/alibaba-key.pem root@
Refer to Connect to a Linux Instance for more instructions on connecting to your instance.