Deploying an NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image from the GCP Console

Creating Your GPU Instance

  1. Log in to
  2. Verify you are in the correct project.
  3. Open the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace page.

    Click the Products and Services menu icon and select Marketplace.

  4. Search for NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image.
  5. Click either the standard NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image, the GPU Accelerated Image for TensorFlow, or the GPU Accelerated Image for PyTorch.
  6. From the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image information page, click Launch on Compute Engine.

  7. Configure the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image deployment.
    1. In "Name", enter your new deployment name.
    2. In "Zone", select the zone to create the instance (select one that features the appropriate GPU).
    3. Under the GPU section, select the GPU type and Number of GPUs.
      Note: If it appears, do not select the k80 GPU as it is not supported.

    4. In the "Machine Type" section, click Customize to open the customize view.

    5. Assign the Cores (vCPUs) and Memory.

      The following ratio is recommended: 1x GPU : 10x vCPU: 60 GB mem)
    6. In the "Boot disk" section, select Standard Persistent Disk.

    7. Make other changes as needed for Networking, Firewall and IP.
  8. Click Deploy from the bottom of the page. It may take a few minutes for the deployment process to complete.

    Wait for the message that your solution has been deployed, then you can connect to your running instance.

    The right side of the deployment page provides information about your deployed image.

    Make a note of the name for your instance. You can stop and restart this instance, as well as attach additional storage to it for datasets.

Connecting to Your GPU Instance

Connect to your instance from the Deployment page or from the VM Instance details page.
  1. Connect to your instance.
    • If you are still on the Deployment page, you can click SSH to connect to your instance.

    • If you are no longer on the Deployment page, you can return to your instance and connect as follows.
      1. Click the Products and Services menu icon, then scroll down to the Compute Engine section and click VM Instances.
      2. Either click SSH by your listed deployed instance, or click your deployed instance and then click SSH from the VM instance details page.
    The latest NVIDIA drivers must be installed on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image instance before running. If the drivers have not yet been installed on this instance, then upon connecting, the instance startup script asks if you want to download and install the latest NVIDIA drivers.
    …  NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) is an optimized software environment that 
    requires the latest NVIDIA drivers to operate. If you do not 
    download the NVIDIA drivers at this time, your instance will shut down. 
    Would you like to download the latest NVIDIA drivers so NGC can finish installing? (Y/n)
  2. Press Y to install the latest NVIDIA drivers and proceed with the connection.

    If you press N, then the connection process will abort and the instance will be stopped.

After you connect, you can use the terminal to run commands on your Linux instance. When you are done, use the exit command to disconnect from the instance.

Stopping and Restarting Your VM Instance

Click your GPU instance, either from the Deployment Manager->your deployment page or from the Compute Engine->VM Instances page.

The top menu lets you edit, stop a running instance, or start a stopped instance.

Menu for a running instance

Menu for a stopped instance

Do not click Delete to delete your instance. Doing so will make your deployment unusable as you will not be able to recreate the instance for the deployment. Instead, delete the deployment using the Deployment Manager.