NGC Container Registry Spaces

The NGC container registry uses spaces to group NGC image repositories for related applications. These spaces appear in the image URL as a<space>/image-name:tag, when used in pulling, running, or layering additional software on top of NGC container images.

This space contains a catalog of fully integrated and optimized deep learning framework containers that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs in both single GPU and multi-GPU configurations. They include CUDA Toolkit, DIGITS workflow, and the following deep learning frameworks: NVCaffe, Caffe2, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), MXNet, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch. These framework containers are delivered ready-to-run, including all necessary dependencies such as CUDA runtime, NVIDIA libraries, and an operating system.

Each framework container image also includes the framework source code to enable custom modifications and enhancements, along with the complete software development stack.

NVIDIA updates these deep learning containers monthly to ensure they continue to provide peak performance.

This space contains a catalog of HPC visualization containers, currently available in beta, featuring the industry’s leading visualization tools, including ParaView with NVIDIA IndeX volume renderer, NVIDIA Optix ray-tracing library and NVIDIA Holodeck for interactive real-time visualization and high-quality visuals.

This space contains a catalog of popular third-party GPU ready HPC application container provided by partners, including GAMESS, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NAMD and RELION. All third-party containers conform to NGC container standards and best practices, making it easy to get the latest GPU optimized HPC software up and get running quickly.