Nsight Compute

Release Notes
Release notes, including new features and important bug fixes. Supported platforms and GPUs. List of known issues for the current release.
Kernel Profiling Guide
NVIDIA Nsight Compute Kernel Profiling Guide.
Nsight Compute
NVIDIA Nsight Compute (UI) user manual. Information on all views, controls and workflows within the tool. Description of PC sampling metrics and shipped section files.
Nsight Compute CLI
NVIDIA Nsight Compute Command Line Interface (CLI) user manual. Information on workflows, command line options and how to transition from Nvprof.

Developer Interfaces

Customization Guide
User manual on customizing NVIDIA Nsight Compute tools. Information on writing section files and python-based rules for automatic result analysis.
NvRules API
The NvRules API.


NVIDIA Nsight Compute Training resources.

Copyright and Licenses
Information on the NVIDIA Software License Agreement as well as third party software and tools used by Nsight Compute.