Nsight Graphics

NVIDIA Nsight Graphics™ is a developer tool that enables you to debug and profile applications built with graphics APIs like Direct3D and Vulkan. It allows you to identify bugs and trace them back to their source. At its most granular, Nsight Graphics lets you inspect every individual event involved in generating a frame—down to the shader and to the pixel. Ray Tracing debugging in Nsight Graphics opens the door to the future of computer graphics, allowing you to improve acceleration-structure efficiency and optimizing build flags while reducing overlaps to improve traversal speed. You can profile graphics applications at an unparalleled level of access using performance markers — an invaluable aid in finding optimization opportunities by looking under the GPU’s hood. This guide will help you better understand how to use Nsight Graphics to it’s full potential.

Release Notes

Release notes and known issues.

Installation Guide

Guides on how to install NVIDIA Nsight Graphics.

User Guide

The user guide for NVIDIA Nsight Graphics.

Advanced Learning

This section will focus on the primary Nsight Graphics tools key concepts, advanced information and howto’s.

Developer Interfaces

Nsight Graphics SDK

A reference guide for the Nsight Graphics SDK. It contains descriptions of the facilities that comprise the SDK.