User Guide (24.04.01)

The Auto-Tuner output has 2 main sections:

  1. Spark Properties: A list of Apache Spark configurations to tune the performance of the app. The list is the result of diff between the existing app configurations and the recommended ones. Therefore, a recommendation matches the existing app configuration, it will not show up in the list.

  2. Comments: A list of messages to highlight properties that were missing in the app configurations, or the cause of failure to generate the recommendations.


Example of a successful run with missing softwareProperties
 1Spark Properties:
 3–conf spark.executor.cores=16
 4–conf spark.executor.instances=8
 5–conf spark.executor.memory=32768m
 6–conf spark.executor.memoryOverhead=7372m
 7–conf spark.rapids.memory.pinnedPool.size=4096m
 8–conf spark.rapids.sql.concurrentGpuTasks=2
 9–conf spark.sql.files.maxPartitionBytes=512m
10–conf spark.sql.shuffle.partitions=200
11–conf spark.task.resource.gpu.amount=0.0625
15-  ‘spark.executor.instances’ was not set.
16-  ‘spark.executor.cores’ was not set.
17-  ‘spark.task.resource.gpu.amount’ was not set.
18-  ‘spark.rapids.sql.concurrentGpuTasks’ was not set.
19-  ‘spark.executor.memory’ was not set.
20-  ‘spark.rapids.memory.pinnedPool.size’ was not set.
21-  ‘spark.executor.memoryOverhead’ was not set.
22-  ‘spark.sql.files.maxPartitionBytes’ was not set.
23-  ‘spark.sql.shuffle.partitions’ was not set.
24-  ‘spark.sql.adaptive.enabled’ should be enabled for better
25    performance.
Example of a successful run with missing softwareProperties. Only two recommendations did not match the existing app configurations.
1Spark Properties:
3--conf spark.executor.instances=8
4--conf spark.sql.shuffle.partitions=200
8- 'spark.sql.shuffle.partitions' was not set.
Example showing the output when loading the worker info has failed.
 1Cannot recommend properties. See Comments.
 4- File worker-info.yaml does not exist
 5- 'spark.executor.memory' should be set to at least 2GB/core.
 6- 'spark.executor.instances' should be set to (gpuCount * numWorkers).
 7- 'spark.task.resource.gpu.amount' should be set to Max(1, (numCores / gpuCount)).
 8- 'spark.rapids.sql.concurrentGpuTasks' should be set to Min(4, (gpuMemory / 7.5G)).
 9- 'spark.rapids.memory.pinnedPool.size' should be set to 2048m.
10- 'spark.rapids.sql.enabled' should be true to enable SQL operations on the GPU.
11- 'spark.sql.adaptive.enabled' should be enabled for better performance.
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