Migrating from UCF 1.1

For Microservices

  • Use the latest 2.0 tools build

    • UCF Microservice Specification is backward compatible. UCF 1.1 AppBuilder can use UCF 2.0 microservices and vice versa.

  • Rebuilding existing microservices with new tools should work out of the box. Update the specVersion in manifest file to 2.0.0 when rebuilding.

  • Comply with new compliance checks - DEV-027, DEV-105 (Optional). Refer to UCF Microservice Compliance.

  • New features that can be used (Based on Microservice functionality/features):

    • Specify metrics endpoint & list of important metrics. This is used for generating Prometheus PodMonitor resources for scraping metrics from the microservice. Refer to Metrics.

    • Support for mounting files/dirs from host during app build. Refer to Passing files to a Microservice

    • If hardcoded secrets / certificates are being used, externalize them. Various secrets management services are supported.

    • Support for restarting pod on config changes with helm upgrade. Refer to Restarting Pods on Config Changes.

    • Exposing services via NodePort type is not feasible with some CSPs. Instead LoadBalancer is recommended. A new feature is being provided in latest tools where NodePort can be overridden to LoadBalancer during install time. This can be done using helm install <release-name>  <app-helm-chart> --set "global.useLoadBalancerInsteadOfNodePort=true"

For Applications

  • The way to specify secrets in applications has changed. Refer to Secrets Management.

  • Support for additional secrets management services - Secrets Store CSI Driver and cert-manager Certificates. Refer to Secrets Management.