VPI - Vision Programming Interface

1.2 Release

Event.h File Reference

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI events. More...

#include "Export.h"
#include "Status.h"
#include "Types.h"
#include <stdint.h>
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Event-specific flags.

 disable time-stamping of event signaling for better performance.


VPIStatus vpiEventCreate (uint32_t flags, VPIEvent *event)
 Create an event instance with the specified flags. More...
void vpiEventDestroy (VPIEvent event)
 Destroy an event instance as well as all resources it owns. More...
VPIStatus vpiEventRecord (VPIEvent event, VPIStream stream)
 Captures in the event the contents of the stream command queue at the time of this call. More...
VPIStatus vpiEventSync (VPIEvent event)
 Blocks the calling thread until the event is signaled. More...
VPIStatus vpiEventQuery (VPIEvent event, VPIEventState *state)
 Queries the status of all work currently captured by the event. More...
VPIStatus vpiEventElapsedTimeMillis (VPIEvent start, VPIEvent end, float *msec)
 Computes the elapsed time in (msec) between two completed events. More...
VPIStatus vpiEventGetFlags (VPIEvent event, uint32_t *flags)
 Returns the event flags passed during event creation. More...

Detailed Description

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI events.

Definition in file Event.h.