VPI - Vision Programming Interface

1.2 Release

Image.h File Reference

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI images. More...

#include "Export.h"
#include "ImageFormat.h"
#include "PixelType.h"
#include "Status.h"
#include "Types.h"
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  VPIImagePlane
 Stores information about an image plane. More...
struct  VPIImageData
 Stores information about image characteristics and content. More...


#define VPI_MAX_PLANE_COUNT   (6)
 Maximum number of data planes an image can have.
Image-specific flags.

#define VPI_DISABLE_BL_HOST_LOCK   (1u << 31)
 Flag to allow vpiImageLock of block-linear images to succeed. More...


VPIStatus vpiImageCreate (int32_t width, int32_t height, VPIImageFormat fmt, uint32_t flags, VPIImage *img)
 Create an empty image instance with the specified flags. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageCreateHostMemWrapper (const VPIImageData *hostData, uint32_t flags, VPIImage *img)
 Create an image object by wrapping around an existing host memory block. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageSetWrappedHostMem (VPIImage img, const VPIImageData *hostData)
 Redefines the wrapped host memory in an existing VPIImage wrapper. More...
void vpiImageDestroy (VPIImage img)
 Destroy an image instance. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageInvalidate (VPIImage img)
 Informs that the image's wrapped memory was updated outside VPI. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageGetSize (VPIImage img, int32_t *width, int32_t *height)
 Get the image size in pixels. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageGetFormat (VPIImage img, VPIImageFormat *format)
 Get the image format. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageGetFlags (VPIImage img, uint32_t *flags)
 Get the image flags. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageLock (VPIImage img, VPILockMode mode, VPIImageData *hostData)
 Acquires the lock on an image object and returns a pointer to the image planes. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageUnlock (VPIImage img)
 Releases the lock on an image object. More...

Detailed Description

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI images.

Definition in file Image.h.