VPI - Vision Programming Interface

1.2 Release

Pyramid.h File Reference

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI pyramids. More...

#include "Export.h"
#include "Image.h"
#include "Status.h"
#include "Types.h"
#include "Version.h"
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  VPIPyramidData
 Stores the pyramid contents. More...


 Maximum number of pyramid levels.


VPIStatus vpiPyramidCreate (int32_t width, int32_t height, VPIImageFormat fmt, int32_t numLevels, float scale, uint32_t flags, VPIPyramid *pyr)
 Create an empty image pyramid instance with the specified flags. More...
void vpiPyramidDestroy (VPIPyramid pyr)
 Destroy an image pyramid instance as well as all resources it owns. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidGetFlags (VPIPyramid pyr, uint32_t *flags)
 Returns the flags associated with the pyramid. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidGetFormat (VPIPyramid pyr, VPIImageFormat *fmt)
 Returns the image format of the pyramid levels. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidGetNumLevels (VPIPyramid pyr, int32_t *numLevels)
 Get the image pyramid level count. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidGetSize (VPIPyramid pyr, int32_t outSize, int32_t *outWidth, int32_t *outHeight)
 Get the image width and height in pixels (for all levels at once). More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidGetScale (VPIPyramid pyr, float *scale)
 Returns the scale factor of the pyramid levels. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidLock (VPIPyramid pyr, VPILockMode lock, VPIPyramidData *out)
 Acquires the lock on a pyramid object and returns pointers to each level of the pyramid. More...
VPIStatus vpiPyramidUnlock (VPIPyramid pyr)
 Releases the lock on a image pyramid object. More...
VPIStatus vpiImageCreatePyramidLevelWrapper (VPIPyramid pyr, int32_t level, VPIImage *img)
 Creates an image that wraps one pyramid level. More...

Detailed Description

Functions and structures for dealing with VPI pyramids.

Definition in file Pyramid.h.