VPI - Vision Programming Interface

3.1 Release

Stream.h File Reference

Declares functions dealing with VPI streams. More...

#include "Export.h"
#include "Status.h"
#include "Types.h"
#include "Version.h"
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Stream-specific flags.

#define VPI_STREAM_GREEDY   (1ULL << 63)
 Flushes operations to the backend at every submission.


VPIStatus vpiStreamCreate (uint64_t flags, VPIStream *stream)
 Create a stream instance. More...
void vpiStreamDestroy (VPIStream stream)
 Destroy a stream instance and deallocate all HW resources. More...
VPIStatus vpiStreamFlush (VPIStream stream)
 Submits all pending operations for execution. More...
VPIStatus vpiStreamSync (VPIStream stream)
 Blocks the calling thread until all submitted commands in this stream queue are done (queue is empty). More...
VPIStatus vpiStreamWaitEvent (VPIStream stream, VPIEvent event)
 Pushes a command that blocks the processing of all future commands submitted to the stream until the event is signaled. More...
VPIStatus vpiStreamGetThreadHandle (VPIStream stream, VPINativeThreadHandle *handle)
 Returns OS-specific handle of the background stream processing thread. More...
VPIStatus vpiStreamGetFlags (VPIStream stream, uint64_t *flags)
 Gets the VPIStream flags passed during its creation. More...
VPIStatus vpiPayloadGetFlags (VPIPayload payload, uint64_t *flags)
 Returns the flags associated with a payload. More...
void vpiPayloadDestroy (VPIPayload payload)
 Deallocates the payload object and all associated resources. More...

Detailed Description

Declares functions dealing with VPI streams.

Definition in file Stream.h.