NVIDIA CloudXR Overview

The NVIDIA (R) CloudXR SDK is a GPU-accelerated virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) streaming platform that was built to stream OpenVR-based applications from a remote server. Using CloudXR, VR/AR content can be streamed over ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, and other standard networking technologies.


The CloudXR client SDK library supports Microsoft Windows and Android devices.

XR content is streamed from a Windows server to an XR client device, which provides access to a high-powered graphics server from a relatively low-end client. Examples of VR clients are an HTC VIVE headset that is connected to a laptop or all-in-one headsets, such as the HTC VIVE Focus 3 and Oculus Quest 2. An example of an AR client is the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone that streams over a 5G network.

The NVIDIA CloudXR SDK comprises a server driver, the client SDK, and sample client applications.

NVIDIA CloudXR Server Driver

The server driver serves audio and video content from an OpenVR application to a client by integrating with SteamVR, encoding the rendered frames and system audio, and sending the frames and sound to the client for decoding and display. The server driver also accepts motion and control data from the client device by using SteamVR, which is supplied as a prebuilt package with its own installer.


The Client SDK contains header files and library files for adapting a thin client to support the server.

The following client headsets are supported:

  • Tethered headsets based on the Windows OS:

    • HTC VIVE

    • HTC VIVE Pro

    • Valve Index

  • Untethered headsets based on the Android OS:

    • HTC VIVE Focus 3

    • Oculus Quest and Quest 2

  • For AR-based on ARCore, refer to https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#android_play for a list of devices that are certified by Google.

    • The typical supported devices are:

      • Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Phones

      • Google Pixel Phones

  • For AR-based on ARKit, refer to https://www.apple.com/augmented-reality/ for a list of compatible devices.

    • Here are the requirements:

      • iOS 14.2, Xcode 12.2

    • The typical supported devices are:

      • Apple iPad