1. Release Notes

7.0 Release

Stability improvements. No API additions or changes.

6.5 Release

Predicate registers
The per-thread predicate registers can be accessed and modified via the readPredicates() and writePredicates() calls. Each of these calls expects a buffer of sufficient size to cover all predicates for the current GPU architecture. The number of current predicate registers can be read back via the getNumPredicates() API call.
Condition code register
The per-thread condition code register can be accessed and modified via the readCCRegister() and writeCCRegister() calls. The condition code register is a unsigned 32-bit register, whose format may vary by GPU architecture.
Device Name
The getDeviceName() API returns a string containing the publically exposed product name of the GPU.
API Error Reporting Improvement
The symbol CUDBG_REPORT_DRIVER_API_ERROR_FLAGS points to an unsigned 32-bit integer in the application's process space that controls API error reporting. The values that can be written into this flag are specified in the CUDBGReportDriverApiErrorFlags enum. In 6.5, setting the bit corresponding to CUDBG_REPORT_DRIVER_API_ERROR_FLAGS_SUPPRESS_NOT_READY in the variable CUDBG_REPORT_DRIVER_API_ERROR_FLAGS is supported. This will prevent CUDA API calls that return the runtime API error code cudaErrorNotReady or the driver API error code cuErrorNotReady from executing the CUDA API error reporting function.