Nsight Compute

The Nsight Compute User Guide.


This document is a user guide for the next-generation NVIDIA Nsight Compute profiling tools. The NVIDIA Nsight Compute is an interactive kernel profiler for CUDA applications. It provides detailed performance metrics and API debugging via a user interface and command line tool.

In addition, the baseline feature of this tool allows users to compare results within the tool. NVIDIA Nsight Compute provides a customizable and data-driven user interface, and metric collection, and can be extended with analysis scripts for post-processing results.

Important Features
  • Interactive kernel profiler and API debugger
  • Graphical profile report
  • Comparing results across one or multiple reports within the tool
  • Fast Data Collection
  • UI and Command Line interface, and
  • Fully customizable reports and analysis rules

See Nsight Compute documentation.