cuSPARSELt Logging Features¶

Logging mechanism in cuSPARSELt can be enabled by setting the following environment variables before running the target application:


while level is one of the following levels:

  • 0: Off - logging is disabled (default)
  • 1: Error - only errors will be logged
  • 2: Trace - API calls that launch CUDA kernels will log their parameters and important information
  • 3: Hints - hints that can potentially improve the application’s performance
  • 4: Info - provides general information about the library execution, may contain details about heuristic status
  • 5: API Trace - API calls will log their parameter and important information

while mask is a combination of the following masks:

  • 0: Off
  • 1: Error
  • 2: Trace
  • 4: Hints
  • 8: Info
  • 16: API Trace

while file_name is a path to a logging file. File name may contain %i, that will be replaced with the process id. E.g <file_name>_%i.log.

If CUSPARSELT_LOG_FILE is not defined, the log messages are printed to stdout.