cuDNN Release 7.5.1

This is the cuDNN 7.5.1 release notes. This release includes fixes from the previous cuDNN v7.x.x releases as well as the following additional changes.

Key Features and Enhancements

The following features and enhancements have been added to this release:

  • The function cudnnMultiHeadAttnForward() is now enabled to sweep through all the time-steps in a single API call. This is indicated by a negative value of the currIdx argument in the inference mode, i.e., when reserveSpace=NULL so that either cudnnMultiHeadAttnBackwardData() or cudnnMultiHeadAttnBackwardWeights() will not be invoked. This sweep mode can be used to implement self-attention on the encoder side of the transformer model.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • In cuDNN 7.5.0, using the static link for cudnnConvolutionBiasActivationForward() function may result in CUDNN_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED error message. The workaround is to perform a whole-archive link. This issue is fixed in cuDNN 7.5.1.
  • In cuDNN 7.5.0 and 7.4.x, in some cases of input images with large dimensions, the 3D forward convolution operations with CUDNN_CONVOLUTION_FWD_ALGO_IMPLICIT_PRECOMP_GEMM will cause a crash with “illegal memory access” error. This is fixed in cuDNN 7.5.1.
  • In cuDNN 7.5.0, setting attnDropoutDesc=NULL in cudnnSetAttnDescriptor() triggered a segmentation fault in cudnnMultiHeadAttnForward(), even though the user is required to set it to NULL in the inference mode. This is fixed in cuDNN 7.5.1.

Known Issues

The following issues and limitations exist in this release:

  • In cuDNN7.5 and cudnn7.5.1, image size smaller than filter size is unsupported, even with sufficient padding.