Onnx Parser

class tensorrt.OnnxParser(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxParser, network: tensorrt.tensorrt.INetworkDefinition, logger: tensorrt.tensorrt.ILogger) → None

This class is used for parsing Onnx models into a TensorRT network definition


num_errorsint The number of errors that occurred during prior calls to parse()

  • network – The network definition to which the parser will write.
  • logger – The logger to use.
clear_errors(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxParser) → None

Clear errors from prior calls to parse()

get_error(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxParser, index: int) → nvonnxparser::IParserError

Get an error that occurred during prior calls to parse()

Parameters:index – Index of the error
parse(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxParser, model: str) → bool

Parse a serialized Onnx model into the TensorRT network. Note that a result of true does not guarantee that the operator will be supported in all cases (i.e., this function may return false-positives).

Parameters:model – The serialized Onnx model object.
Returns:true if the model was parsed successfully
supports_operator(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxParser, op_name: str) → bool

Returns whether the specified operator may be supported by the parser.

Parameters:op_name – The name of the Onnx operator to check for support

The type of parser error











class tensorrt.ParserError
code(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → tensorrt.tensorrt.ErrorCode
Returns:The error code
desc(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → str
Returns:Description of the error
file(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → str
Returns:Source file in which the error occurred
func(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → str
Returns:Source function in which the error occurred
line(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → int
Returns:Source line at which the error occurred
node(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ParserError) → int
Returns:Index of the Onnx model node in which the error occurred
class tensorrt.OnnxPluginFactory(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.OnnxPluginFactory, logger: tensorrt.tensorrt.ILogger) → None

This plugin factory handles deserialization of the plugins that are built into the ONNX parser. Engines with legacy plugin layers built using the ONNX parser must use this plugin factory during deserialization.

Parameters:logger – The logger to use.