TensorRT  8.0.2
nvinfer1::Dims3 Class Reference

Descriptor for three-dimensional data. More...

#include <NvInferLegacyDims.h>

Inheritance diagram for nvinfer1::Dims3:

Public Member Functions

 Dims3 ()
 Construct an empty Dims3 object.
 Dims3 (int32_t d0, int32_t d1, int32_t d2)
 Construct a Dims3 from 3 elements. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from nvinfer1::Dims32
int32_t nbDims
 The number of dimensions.
int32_t d [MAX_DIMS]
 The extent of each dimension.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from nvinfer1::Dims32
static constexpr int32_t MAX_DIMS {8}
 The maximum number of dimensions supported for a tensor.

Detailed Description

Descriptor for three-dimensional data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Dims3()

nvinfer1::Dims3::Dims3 ( int32_t  d0,
int32_t  d1,
int32_t  d2 

Construct a Dims3 from 3 elements.

d0The first element.
d1The second element.
d2The third element.

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