class tensorrt.ITimingCache

Class to handle tactic timing info collected from builder.

combine(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITimingCache, input_cache: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITimingCache, ignore_mismatch: bool) bool

Combine input timing cache into local instance.

Append entries in input cache to local cache. Conflicting entries will be skipped. The input cache must be generated by a TensorRT build of exact same version, otherwise combine will be skipped and return false. bool(ignore_mismatch) == True if combining a timing cache created from a different device.

  • input_cache – The input timing cache

  • ignore_mismatch – Whether or not to allow cache verification header mismatch


A bool indicating whether the combine operation is done successfully.

reset(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITimingCache) bool

Empty the timing cache


A bool indicating whether the reset operation is done successfully.

serialize(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITimingCache) tensorrt.tensorrt.IHostMemory

Serialize a timing cache to a IHostMemory object.


An IHostMemory object that contains a serialized timing cache.