TensorRT 8.5.3
nvinfer1::ITimingCache Class Reference

Class to handle tactic timing info collected from builder. More...

#include <NvInfer.h>

Inheritance diagram for nvinfer1::ITimingCache:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ITimingCache () noexcept=default
nvinfer1::IHostMemoryserialize () const noexcept
 Serialize a timing cache to IHostMemory object. More...
bool combine (ITimingCache const &inputCache, bool ignoreMismatch) noexcept
 Combine input timing cache into local instance. More...
bool reset () noexcept
 Empty the timing cache. More...

Protected Attributes

apiv::VTimingCache * mImpl

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from nvinfer1::INoCopy
 INoCopy ()=default
virtual ~INoCopy ()=default
 INoCopy (INoCopy const &other)=delete
INoCopyoperator= (INoCopy const &other)=delete
 INoCopy (INoCopy &&other)=delete
INoCopyoperator= (INoCopy &&other)=delete

Detailed Description

Class to handle tactic timing info collected from builder.

The timing cache is created or initialized by IBuilderConfig. It can be shared across builder instances to accelerate the builder wallclock time.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ITimingCache()

virtual nvinfer1::ITimingCache::~ITimingCache ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ combine()

bool nvinfer1::ITimingCache::combine ( ITimingCache const &  inputCache,
bool  ignoreMismatch 

Combine input timing cache into local instance.

This function allows combining entries in the input timing cache to local cache object.

inputCacheThe input timing cache.
ignoreMismatchWhether or not to allow cache verification header mismatch.
True if combined successfully, false otherwise.

Append entries in input cache to local cache. Conflicting entries will be skipped The input cache must be generated by a TensorRT build of exact same version, otherwise combine will be skipped and return false. ignoreMismatch must be set to true if combining a timing cache created from a different device.

Combining caches generated from devices with different device properties may lead to functional/performance bugs!

◆ reset()

bool nvinfer1::ITimingCache::reset ( )

Empty the timing cache.

True if reset successfully, false otherwise.

◆ serialize()

nvinfer1::IHostMemory * nvinfer1::ITimingCache::serialize ( ) const

Serialize a timing cache to IHostMemory object.

This function allows serialization of current timing cache.

A pointer to a IHostMemory object that contains a serialized timing cache.
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Member Data Documentation

◆ mImpl

apiv::VTimingCache* nvinfer1::ITimingCache::mImpl

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