DGX-1 System FW Changes

This chapter contains the list of changes for the following DGX-1 firmware components.

Changes in 3.39.30

Changes in 3.38.30

  • Added security enhancements.

Changes in 3.36.30

  • Added HTML5 support for the Remote Console.

  • Removed Java-based Remote Console.


Be sure to clear your browser cache to see the new Remote Console

  • Fixed BMC not reporting all temperature sensor readings correctly.

  • Fixed potential inability to communicate with BMC after failed BMC update.

Changes in 3.30.30

  • Added support for sending SNMPv3 Traps.

  • Added GPU Page Retirement tracking.

  • Added ability to configure KVM and VMedia via ipmitool.

  • Added ability to enable/disable SNMPv3 via ipmitool. Implemented IPMI command for OEM debugging.

  • Fixed BMC/SBIOS providing incorrect mapping for memory DIMM errors.

  • Fixed PSU firmware update disruption by implementing mutual exclusion logic in the BMC.

Changes in S2W_3A13

Changes in S2W_3A12

  • Removed and disabled “BIOS Shared SW Architecture (BSSA)” implementation.

    This imposes a limitation when updating the SBIOS using the BMC web UI.

Changes in S2W_3A10

  • Incorporated Intel microcode to mitigate new side channel attacks (Zombieland).

Changes in S2W_3A08

  • Fixed BMC/SBIOS providing incorrect mapping for memory DIMM errors.

  • USB ports now default to USB 3.0

Changes in S2W_3A06

  • Updated microcode to address Spectre vulnerability.

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