DGX-1 System FW Changes

This chapter contains the list of changes for the following DGX-1 firmware components.

DGX-1 BMC Changes

Changes in 3.39.30

Changes in 3.38.30

  • Added security enhancements.

Changes in 3.36.30

  • Added HTML5 support for the Remote Console.

  • Removed Java-based Remote Console.


    Be sure to clear your browser cache to see the new Remote Console.

  • Fixed BMC not reporting all temperature sensor readings correctly.

  • Fixed potential inability to communicate with BMC after failed BMC update.

Changes in 3.30.30

  • Added support for sending SNMPv3 Traps.

  • Added GPU Page Retirement tracking.

  • Added ability to configure KVM and VMedia via ipmitool.

  • Added ability to enable/disable SNMPv3 via ipmitool. Implemented IPMI command for OEM debugging.

  • Fixed BMC/SBIOS providing incorrect mapping for memory DIMM errors.

  • Fixed PSU firmware update disruption by implementing mutual exclusion logic in the BMC.

DGX-1 SBIOS Changes

Changes in S2W_3A13

Changes in S2W_3A12

  • Removed and disabled “BIOS Shared SW Architecture (BSSA)” implementation.

    This imposes a limitation when updating the SBIOS using the BMC web UI.

    When attempting to update the SBIOS from version 3A10 to a later version using the BMC web UI and selecting Preserve BIOS NVRAM Region, the system will hang at a black screen and SBIOS settings will not be preserved.

    A security update involved removing the BIOS Shared SW Architecture (BSSA) option in the SBIOS. This changed the NVRAM mapping, so the NVRAM region cannot be preserved. To successfully update the SBIOS using the BMC web UI, do not select Preserve BIOS NVRAM Region.

Changes in S2W_3A10

  • Incorporated Intel microcode to mitigate new side channel attacks (Zombieland).

Changes in S2W_3A08

  • Fixed BMC/SBIOS providing incorrect mapping for memory DIMM errors.

  • USB ports now default to USB 3.0

Changes in S2W_3A06

  • Updated microcode to address Spectre vulnerability.