DGX A100 System Firmware Changes

This chapter contains the list of changes for the following DGX A100 firmware components.

DGX A100 BMC Changes

Changes in 00.13.16

Changes in 00.13.04

  • Resolved increased fan speed that occurred when optional components are not installed, even when system is idle.

DGX A100 SBIOS Changes

Changes in 0.30

  • Added support for HTTP boot.
  • Updated DSP/USP preset values to address PCIe advanced error reporting (AER) issues.
  • Changed the following default settings.
    • Determinism Control > [Manual]
    • Determinism Slider > [Power]
    • cTDP Control > [Manual]
    • cTDP > [240]
    • Package Power Limit Control > [Manual]
    • Package Power Limit > [240]
    • DF Cstates > [Disabled]

DGX A100 Broadcom 88096 PCIe Switchboard Changes

Changes in 1.8

  • Implemented tuning to address PCIe advanced error reporting (AER) issues.

Changes in 1.3

  • Disabled hot-plug and hot-plug surprise capability.

DGX A100 Broadcom 880xx Retimer Changes

Release notes for the DGX A100 Broadcom 88080 and 88064 retimers.

Changes in 0.F.0

  • Improved error handling of downstream switches.

    This change modifies the PCIe topology and mapping. Refer to the DGX A100 User Guide for PCIe mapping details.

Changes in 0.13.0

  • Fixed DPC Notification behavior for Firmware First Platform.

A100 VBIOS Changes

Changes in

  • Expanded support for potential alternate HBM sources.

Changes in

  • Fixed Xid 64 (Row Remapper Error)