NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 Foundation SDK

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Third-Party Documentation
In addition to this documentation (this Development Guide and API Reference), more information resources are available.
NVIDIA Documentation
You can find additional NVIDIA documentation online.
For NVIDIA DRIVE™ SDK documentation see NVIDIA DRIVE™ Platform site at:
Third-Party Documentation
Kernel Boot Parameters
The following document provides a list of generic kernel boot parameters that configure the Linux kernel:
I2C Kernel Interface
The NVIDIA® Tegra® I2C implementation supports the standard kernel I2C interface. For additional information, see:
Elektrobit-Aurix Documentation
The following documentation is included in the NVIDIA® DRIVE PX 2-specific installation for Foundation.
EB-DrivePX, Release Notes
EB-DrivePX-BSL, Users Guide
EB-DrivePX-Control, Users Guide
EB tresos solution for NVIDIA DRIVE PX, User Guide