DRIVE 5.0 Linux Open Source Software

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RUN File Installation and Removal
Using RUN Files
Uninstalling RUN Files
This NVIDIA® SDK 5.0 product contains self -extracting executable .run (RUN) files that install the product. These RUN files are generated by the Linux makeself tool. When executed, the run file extracts the contents of the archive into an /.install sub-directory of the current working directory. The RUN file then executes any embedded scripts it might contain to complete its installation. Some commonly-used arguments for RUN files are:
RUN File Argument
Prevents the files from being extracted to a temporary directory that is automatically removed after the execution of embedded scripts. Instead the RUN file extracts the files to the current working directory where they persist until you remove them.
Lists the files in the archive.
Does not execute embedded scripts after extraction.
Using RUN Files
You can list the contents of RUN files as well as extract them without running any scripts contained therein using the procedures below.
To list all files contained in a RUN file
Execute the following command:
bash <file-name>.run --list
To extract from a RUN file without executing scripts
To extract the contents of the RUN file but not execute the embedded scripts, execute:
bash <file-name>.run --keep --noexec
The embedded scripts in interactively prompt you to provide information. If you give a wrong answer or if the installation stops before it is complete for any reason, you must first uninstall the RUN file to successfully run it again in the current working directory.
Uninstalling RUN Files
Use the following procedure to correctly uninstall a Linux or QNX RUN file.
Warning: Use extreme caution when deleting directories by following these precautions.
Always ensure you are located in a directory that is not a top-level or home directory.
Ensure that the current working directory only contains the RUN, ZIP, or PDF files from the installation.
Copy all additional data files set up in the installation directory to another directory before deleting any files.
To delete all installed files extracted from a RUN file
1. Confirm you are in the correct directory by running the following command:
2. When you have confirmed you are in the directory containing the installation, and not a top-level or home directory, run the following commands, if applicable for your release:
find ./drive-t186ref-* -type d | xargs sudo rm -rf
find ./toolchains -type d | xargs rm -rf
find ./.install -type d | xargs rm -rf
find ./eclipse -type d | xargs rm -rf
find ./drive-oss-src -type d | xargs rm -rf
After removing any previously installed run files and their contents, you can safely attempt re-installation if desired.
For more information on the makeself tool, see: