DRIVE 5.0 Linux Open Source Software

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Additional Documentation
NVIDIA Documentation
Third-Party Documentation
In addition to this documentation (this Development Guide and API Reference), more information resources are available.
NVIDIA Documentation
You can find additional NVIDIA documentation online.
For NVIDIA DRIVE™ SDK documentation see NVIDIA DRIVE™ Platform site at:
Third-Party Documentation
Kernel Boot Parameters
The following document provides a list of generic kernel boot parameters that configure the Linux kernel:
I2C Kernel Interface
The NVIDIA® Tegra® I2C implementation supports the standard kernel I2C interface. For additional information, see:
Elektrobit-Aurix Documentation
The following documentation is included in the NVIDIA® DRIVE PX 2-specific installation for Foundation.
EB-DrivePX, Release Notes
EB-DrivePX-BSL, Users Guide
EB-DrivePX-Control, Users Guide
EB tresos solution for NVIDIA DRIVE PX, User Guide
Graphics Specifications
The following documentation is included in the Graphics module of the References.
EGL and EGL Extensions
OpenGL ES 2.x/3.x Specs and Extension
OpenGL Specifications
Vulkan Specs and Extensions