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Updating DRIVE PX 2
This procedure provides the steps to update the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 software.
To verify the installed DRIVE PX 2 software is the latest release
1. Compare the installed software version number to the version number of the latest release.
You can find the installer software version number in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
You can find the version number of the latest release in the Linux SDK: DRIVE PX 2 Platform Release Notes, which can be found with the SDK on NVONLINE.
2. If the release branch is different, review the “Top Fixed Issues Since Last Release” in the Release Notes to see if you wish to update your DRIVE PX 2 to the latest release and obtain those fixes.
3. If you elect to update your DRIVE PX 2, follow the instructions for using SDK Manager to setup the Linux host. SDK Manager installs the latest SDK on your Linux host computer and updates the DRIVE PX 2 target software.