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Setting Up your Linux Host
Installing with SDK Manager
Manual Installation
Installing with SDK Manager
NVIDIA recommends installation with the SDK Manager. The SDK Manager automates the installation process on the host system and flashes the target platform. To install using the SDK Manager GUI, see the NVIDIA SDK Manager documentation.
Manual Installation
An alternative to using SDK Manager is to perform a manual installation. The following are the manual installation options.
Host Installation and Flashing for eMMC Boot—Provides instructions to install the essential packages of the SDK, flash the rootfs with the pre-built binaries to the target eMMC, and boot the Tegra development platform target.
Host Installation and Flashing for NFS Boot—Provides instruction to install all the Linux RUN files packages of the SDK, and mount the target rootfs to the target over NFS from the host to facilitate easier development at the target.
The following topics provide more information about installing and using the SDK/PDK:
SDK Overview—Introduces the SDK.
Flashing the Board—Describes the tools used to update the software on your DRIVE PX 2 platforms.