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chip_info.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Quickboot Interface: Chip Information

Description: This file declares an interface for chip information.

Definition in file chip_info.h.

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Data Structures

struct  QbFldRchtStatus
struct  QbChipInfoRec
 Defines chip-related information. More...


#define FLD_RCHT_STR_MAX   12
#define FLD_RCHT_NOT_CHECKED   "not_tried" /* Default status*/
#define FLD_RCHT_SKIPPED_ACTIVE   "skipped_a" /* HW value matches with binary ratchet */
#define FLD_RCHT_SKIPPED_INACTIVE   "skipped_i" /* HW value matches inactive binary ratchet value */
#define FLD_RCHT_SUCCESS   "updated" /* Ratchet successful in current boot session */
#define FLD_RCHT_FAILED   "failed" /* Ratchet check or update attempted but failed */
#define FLD_RCHT_NO_OPTIN   "no_optin" /* Customer not opted for field ratchet */


typedef struct QbChipInfoRec QbChipInfo
 Defines chip-related information. More...


enum  QbFldRchtBins {


NvError QbQueryChipInfo (QbChipInfo *pInfo)
 Gets chip information. More...