NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release

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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NnvsiplContains the classes and variables for implementation of Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL)
 C__te_crypto_operation_tInternal data structure for te_crypto_operation_t
 C_NvMediaAESParamsHolds encrypted metadata information that the client sends to the parser
 CGpcdmaChannelContextDefines the GPCDMA Channel Context
 CGpcdmaChStatusContextDefines the GPCDMA Channel Status Context
 CNvGPHBLInfoRecStores information needed to locate and verify a boot loader
 CNvGPHRecGeneric Partition Header
 CNvMedia2DBlitParametersHolds the additional parameters for a blit
 CNvMedia2DBlitParametersOutHolds additional values returned from a blit
 CNvMediaACPVersionInfoVersion information for the NvMedia ACP library
 CNvMediaAESIvHolds encryption intialization vector information
 CNvMediaAESMetaDataHolds re-encrypted data information that the video decoder returns to the parser
 CNvMediaAlphaSurfaceHolds an Alpha Surface descriptor for video mixing
 CNvMediaArrayAllocAttrHolds array allocation attributes
 CNvMediaBackgroundBackground descriptor for video mixing
 CNvMediaBitstreamBufferHolds an application data buffer containing compressed video data
 CNvMediaBitStreamPktHolds the bitstream packet input for parsing
 CNvMediaCameraModelHolds NvMedia LDC camera parameter info
 CNvMediaCamIntriParamsHolds NvMedia camera intrinsic parameters
 CNvMediaColorHolds a constant RGBA color
 CNvMediaDecCurrFrameHolds decoded current frame information
 CNvMediaDecRefFrameHolds decoded reference frame information
 CNvMediaDispAttributesHolds NvMedia display attributes
 CNvMediaDPBInfoHolds decoded Picture Buffer information
 CNvMediaEGLStreamConsumerA handle representing an EGL stream consumer object
 CNvMediaEGLStreamProducerA handle representing an EGL stream producer object
 CNvMediaEglStreamProducerAttributesHolds the attributes for an EGL stream producer
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigH264Holds an H264 encoder configuration
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigH264VUIParamsHolds H264 video usability information parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigH265Holds the H265 encoder configuration parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigH265VUIParamsHolds the H.265 video usability information parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigVP8Holds VP8 encoder configuration parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeConfigVP9Holds VP9 encoder configuration parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeExternalMEHintHolds an External Motion Vector hint
 CNvMediaEncodeExternalMeHintCountsPerBlocktypeHolds an external motion vector hint with counts per block type
 CNvMediaEncodeH264SEIPayloadH.264 specific User SEI message
 CNvMediaEncodeH265SEIPayloadHolds an H265-specific User SEI message
 CNvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsH264Holds H264-specific encode initialization parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsH265Holds H265-specific encode initialization parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsVP8Holds VP8-specific encode initialization parameters
 CNvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsVP9Holds VP9-specific encode initialization parameters
 CNvMediaEncodePicParamsH264H264 specific encoder picture params
 CNvMediaEncodePicParamsH265Holds H265-specific encoder picture parameters
 CNvMediaEncodePicParamsVP8Holds VP8-specific encoder picture parameters, which are sent on a per frame basis
 CNvMediaEncodePicParamsVP9Holds VP9-specific encoder picture parameters, which are sent on a per frame basis
 CNvMediaEncodeQPHolds quantization parameters(QP) value for frames
 CNvMediaEncodeRCParamsHolds rate control configuration parameters
 CNvMediaEncryptParamsHolds encrypted metadata information that the parser passes to the video decoder component
 CNvMediaGeoTransParamsHolds geometric transform initialization paramters
 CNvMediaICPErrorInfoHolds the capture error information populated by NvMediaICPGetErrorInfo
 CNvMediaICPExHolds the image capture object created by NvMediaICPCreateEx
 CNvMediaICPInputFormatCapture input format
 CNvMediaICPSettingsHolds image capture settings for the CSI format
 CNvMediaICPSettingsExHolds the image capture settings for the CSI format
 CNvMediaIDPImage display object created by NvMediaIDPCreate
 CNvMediaIDPDeviceParamsDevice parameters returned by NvMediaIDPQuery function
 CNvMediaIDPPreferencesSets the preferences for the image display creation
 CNvMediaIEPHolds the image encoder object created by NvMediaIEPCreate
 CNvMediaIJPDHolds information for decoding a JPEG stream into an image surface
 CNvMediaIJPEImage JPEG encoder object created by NvMediaIJPECreate
 CNvMediaImageA handle representing image objects
 CNvMediaImageDecoderA handle representing a IMAGE decoder object
 CNvMediaImageGroupA handle representing an image group
 CNvMediaImageSurfaceImage surface descriptor used by NvMediaImageLock
 CNvMediaImageSurfaceMapImage surface map descriptor used by NvMediaImageLock
 CNvMediaIOFSTHolds an OFST object created by NvMediaIOFSTCreate
 CNvMediaIPPBufferPoolParamsImgGrpHolds image group buffer pool parameters for initializing an IPP component
 CNvMediaIPPBufferPoolParamsNewHolds new buffer pool parameters for initializing an IPP component
 CNvMediaIPPComponentOutputHolds a handle representing an IPP component output object
 CNvMediaIPPComponentOutputImgGrpHolds a handle representing an IPP component output object
 CNvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfigHolds configuration information for a Control Algorithm component
 CNvMediaIPPEventDataHolds additional event information
 CNvMediaIPPFileReaderComponentConfigHolds configuration information for a file reader component
 CNvMediaIPPIcpComponentConfigHolds configuration for an ICP component
 CNvMediaIPPImageInformationHolds image information
 CNvMediaIPPIscComponentConfigHolds configuration information for an ISC component
 CNvMediaIPPIspComponentConfigHolds configuration information for an ISP component
 CNvMediaIPPMathFloatMatrixHolds a 4x4 matrix of floats
 CNvMediaIPPPipelinePropertyHolds the IPP pipeline property
 CNvMediaIPPPluginFuncsHolds the Control Algorithm plugin function descriptor
 CNvMediaIPPPluginInputHolds Control Algorithm plugin input parameters
 CNvMediaIPPPluginInputStreamDataHolds stream data for Control Algorithm plugin input
 CNvMediaIPPPluginOutputExHolds Control Algorithm plugin output parameters for bracketed exposure
 CNvMediaIPPPluginOutputStreamSettingsHolds stream-specific settings of Control Algorithm plugin output
 CNvMediaIPPPluginSupportFuncsHolds the Control Algorithm plugin support functions descriptor
 CNvMediaIPPPropertyControlsHolds control properties associated with the camera
 CNvMediaIPPPropertyDynamicHolds dynamic properties associated with the camera
 CNvMediaIPPPropertyStaticHolds static properties associated with a camera
 CNvMediaIPPVersionInfoHolds version information for the NvMedia IPP library
 CNvMediaISCAdvancedConfigHolds the description of the target I2C device
 CNvMediaISCDeviceDriverHolds device driver data
 CNvMediaISCEmbeddedDataHolds the embedded data structure
 CNvMediaISCEmbeddedDataBufferHolds the embedded data buffer structure
 CNvMediaISCExposureControlExposure control structure
 CNvMediaISCModuleConfigHolds the ISC Module ISP configuration
 CNvMediaISCSupportFunctionsHolds the support functions that the device driver can call
 CNvMediaISCVersionInfoHolds version information for the NvMedia ISC library
 CNvMediaISCWBGainControlHolds the white balance control structure
 CNvMediaISPBadPixelCorrectionHolds controls for ISP bad pixel correction (BPC) block
 CNvMediaISPBadPixelStatsHolds controls for bad pixel statistics (BP Stats)
 CNvMediaISPBadPixelStatsDataHolds bad pixel statistics (BP Stats) data
 CNvMediaISPBlackLevelCorrectionHolds controls for ISP black level correction (BLC) block
 CNvMediaISPClipHolds controls for ISP clip (Clip) block
 CNvMediaISPColorCorrectionMatrixHolds controls for ISP color correction matrix (CCM) block
 CNvMediaISPColorSpaceConversionHolds controls for ISP color space conversion (CSC) block
 CNvMediaISPDemosaicHolds controls for ISP demosaic (DM) block
 CNvMediaISPDigitalGainHolds controls for ISP digital gain (DG) block
 CNvMediaISPDownscaleHolds controls for ISP downscale (DS) block
 CNvMediaISPEllipseDefines an ellipse
 CNvMediaISPExposureFusionHolds controls for ISP exposure fusion (Fusion) block
 CNvMediaISPGlobalToneMapHolds controls for ISP global tone map (GTM) block
 CNvMediaISPHistogramStatsHolds controls for histogram statistics (HIST Stats)
 CNvMediaISPHistogramStatsDataHolds histogram statistics (HIST Stats) data
 CNvMediaISPLensShadingCorrectionHolds controls for ISP lens shading correction (LSC) block
 CNvMediaISPLevelAdjSatHolds controls for ISP level adjusted saturation (LAS) block
 CNvMediaISPLinearizationHolds controls for ISP linearization (LIN) block
 CNvMediaISPLocalAvgClipStatsHolds controls for local average & clip statistics (LAC Stats)
 CNvMediaISPLocalAvgClipStatsDataHolds local average & clip statistics block (LAC Stats) data
 CNvMediaISPLocalAvgClipStatsROIDataHolds local average & clip statistics data for a region of interest
 CNvMediaISPLocalToneMapHolds controls for ISP local tone map (LTM) block
 CNvMediaISPLocalToneMapStatsHolds controls for local tone map statistics (LTM Stats)
 CNvMediaISPLocalToneMapStatsDataHolds local tone map statistics block (LTM Stats) data
 CNvMediaISPNoiseReductionHolds controls for ISP noise reduction (NR) block
 CNvMediaISPOffsetHolds controls for ISP offset (Offset) block
 CNvMediaISPProcessParamsHolds ISP processing parameters
 CNvMediaISPRadialTFDefines a radial transform
 CNvMediaISPSaturationHolds controls for ISP saturation (SAT) block
 CNvMediaISPSharpnessHolds controls for ISP sharpness (Sharp) block
 CNvMediaISPSplineControlPointDefines spline control point
 CNvMediaISPStatisticsWindowsDefines the windows used in ISP stats calculations
 CNvMediaISPWhiteBalanceCorrectionHolds controls for ISP white balance correction (WBC) block
 CNvMediaJPEGAppMarkerInfoHolds image JPEG decoder marker Info
 CNVMEDIAJPEGDecAttributesHolds image JPEG decoder attributes
 CNVMEDIAJPEGDecInfoHolds image JPEG decoder stream information
 CNvMediaJPEncAttributesImage JPEG encoder attributes
 CNvMediaJPHuffmanTableSpecficationImage JPEG encoder HuffmanTable
 CNvMediaLDCBitMaskMapHolds the NvMedia mask map surface
 CNvMediaLDCCtrlParamsHolds runtime control parameters for NvMediaLDCProcess()
 CNvMediaLDCInitParamsHolds the NvMedia LDC initialization paramters
 CNvMediaLDCRegionConfigHolds the NvMedia LDC region configuration
 CNvMediaLDCSparseWarpMapHolds the NvMedia LDC defintion of Sparse warp map
 CNvMediaLensDistortionHolds distortion coefficients for the lens model
 CNvMediaMasteringDisplayDataMastering display data for an H.265 picture
 CNvMediaMotionVectorFrameMetaDataMotion vector array to get the required current frame stats
 CNvMediaMotionVectorMB_MetadataPer Macroblock header information
 CNvMediaNalDataThis is used to get header info (SPS/PPS/VPS) using GetAttribute call
 CNvMediaOFSTExternalHintParamsHolds OFST estimation parameters
 CNvMediaOFSTInitializeParamsHolds OFST estimation initialization parameters
 CNvMediaParserParamsHolds initialization parameters for the decoder class
 CNvMediaParserPictureDataHolds picture information for the current frame decode operation
 CNvMediaParserSeqInfoHolds video sequence information
 CNvMediaPictureInfoH264Picture parameter information for an H.264 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoH265Holds picture parameter information for an H.265 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoMPEG1Or2Holds picture parameter information for an MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoMPEG4Part2Holds picture parameter information for an MPEG-4 Part 2 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoVC1Holds picture parameter information for a VC1 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoVP8Picture parameter information for a VP8 picture
 CNvMediaPictureInfoVP9Holds picture parameter information for a VP9 picture
 CNvMediaPointHolds a location on a 2-dimensional object
 CNvMediaPointDoubleHolds a double precision location of a 2-dimensional object
 CNvMediaRectHolds a rectangular region of a surface
 CNvMediaReferenceFrameH264Information about an H.264 reference frame
 CNvMediaROIHolda a Region of Interest
 CNvMediaSEIPayloadH264H.264 SEI payload information Used by the parser only
 CNvMediaSliceDecodeDataSlice level data used with slice level decoding
 CNvMediaSurfAllocAttrHolds NvMedia Surface allocation attributes
 CNvMediaSurfFormatAttrHolds NvMedia Surface format attributes
 CNvMediaTaskStatusHolds status of latest operation for NvMedia managed data structure
 CNvMediaTNR2ParamsHolds the TNR2 initialization paramters
 CNvMediaTNR3ParamsHolds the TNR3 initialization paramters
 CNvMediaVersionHolds NvMedia Version information
 CNvMediaVideoCaptureVideo capture object created by NvMediaVideoCaptureCreate
 CNvMediaVideoCaptureSettingsVideo capture settings for CSI format
 CNvMediaVideoDecodeFrameStatusTo Get the decoding status from HW decoder
 CNvMediaVideoDecoderA handle representing a video decoder object
 CNvMediaVideoDecodeStatsFrame stats structure to get get ring entry idx and motion vector dump
 CNvMediaVideoDecrypterHolds the video decrypter object
 CNvMediaVideoDescVideo descriptor for video mixing
 CNvMediaVideoEncoderVideo encoder object created by NvMediaVideoEncoderCreate
 CNvMediaVideoMixerAttributesHolds video mixer attributes
 CNvMediaVideoOutputVideo output object created by NvMediaVideoOutputCreate
 CNvMediaVideoOutputDeviceParamsDevice parameters returned by NvMediaVideoOutputDevicesQuery function
 CNvMediaVideoOutputPreferencesSets the preferences for the video output creation
 CNvMediaVideoSurfaceA handle representing a video surface object
 CNvMediaVideoSurfaceMapA handle representing a video surface map
 CNvMediaVP9BackwardUpdatesHolds VP9 counters for adaptive entropy contexts
 CNvmediaVP9EntropyProbsHolds VP9 entropy contexts
 CNvMediaVPI2DTransform3x3 transform matrix
 CNvMediaVPIAABBAxis Aligned Bounding Box
 CNvMediaVPIBoundingBoxWithTransformHolds bounding box definition
 CNvMediaVPIGetKeyPointsHarrisParamsHolds Harris keypoint parameters
 CNvMediaVPIKLTParamsHolds the KLT parameters
 CNvMediaVPIPoint2DfHolds 2D floating point definition
 CNvMediaVPIPoint2DFracHolds 2D point fractional representation
 CNvMediaVPIStereoPostprocessParamsHolds stereo postprocess parameters
 CNvMediaVPIStereoPreprocessParamsHolds stereo preprocessing parameters
 CNvMediaVPITranslationWithScaleTranslation with Scale parameters
 CNvScrncaptApertureHolds the representation of a display aperture
 CNvScrncaptHeadStateHolds a head's current state
 CNvScrncaptPixelHolds a pixel value
 CNvScrncaptResultHolds the screen capture result
 CNvScrncaptStatisticsHolds statistics for a single capture
 CNvScrncaptSurfaceMapHolds planes within the frame buffer
 CNvScrncaptWindowStateHolds the representation of a window's current state
 Cote_closesessionCloses an OTE session
 Cote_launchopLaunches an operation request
 COTE_MANIFESTHolds the manifest structure
 Cote_opensessionOpens an open trusted environment (OTE) session
 CQbChipInfoRecDefines chip-related information
 CQbDevOperationsHolds callbacks for device drivers
 CQbGpioIoctlRecHolds configurations for the GPIO pin
 CQbI2cTransferHolds the I2C transfer
 CQbSdmmcDriverPrivInfoHolds the context structure for the SDMMC driver
 CQbSdmmcInfoDefines platform data for the SDMMC registration
 CQbSerialDriverPrivInfoDefines an internal structure for UART driver
 CQbSerialInfoHolds information for UART port initialization
 CQbSpiSlaveControllerInfoHolds the SPI controller specific information
 CQbSpiSlaveDriverPrivInfoHolds private information for SPI slave driver
 CQbSpiSlaveTransferHolds data for SPI slave transfers
 CQspiAsyncIOStatusHolds the QSPI Asynchronous transfer descriptor
 CQspiControllerDataHolds QSPI hardware controller context data
 CQspiFlashDeviceHolds the QSPI Flash device context
 CQspiFlashInfoQSPI flash info
 CQspiTransferHolds QSPI Transfer data
 Ctask_identifierHolds Unique Task identifiers, including uuid and port name
 Cte_attribute_tDefines attribute object internals
 Cte_cache_maint_args_tHolds an op code and data used to for cache maintenance
 Cte_crypto_operation_info_tHolds a crypto operation info object
 Cte_crypto_rsa_key_tHolds internal data for RSA keys
 Cte_device_unique_idHolds the device unique ID
 Cte_get_property_args_tHolds data about the TA client
 Cte_identity_tHolds the identity of a client/caller
 Cte_map_mem_addr_args_tHolds a pointer to the map memory for a specific OTE_CONFIG_MAP_MEM ID value
 Cte_oper_param_tHolds the operation object parameters
 Cte_operation_tHolds operation object information that is to be delivered to the TLK Secure Service
 Cte_request_tHolds the layout of the te_oper_param_t structures which must match the layout sent in by the non-secure (NS) world via the TrustZone Secure Monitor Call (TZ SMC) path
 Cte_root_of_trustHolds the root of trust for TLK
 Cte_service_id_tDefines a unique 16-byte ID for each TLK service
 Cte_session_tHolds session information
 Cte_v_to_p_args_tHolds a pointer to the physical address for a specific virtual address