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gpc_dma.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Quickboot Interface: GPCDMA Driver

Description: This file declares APIs for Quickboot GPCDMA driver framework.

Definition in file gpc_dma.h.

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Data Structures

struct  GpcdmaChannelContext
 Defines the GPCDMA Channel Context. More...
struct  GpcdmaChStatusContext
 Defines the GPCDMA Channel Status Context. More...


#define QB_GPCDMA_DBG(fmt, args...)
 Specifies the enabling of GPCDMA debug messages. More...
 Specifies the Maximum GPCDMA controllers. More...
 Specifies the MC outstanding requests. More...
 Specifies the Trigger select offset for Channel(refer CSRE in Register spec) More...
 Specifies the Min Trigger select value. More...
 Specifies the Max Trigger select value. More...


enum  ApbSlave {
 Defines the GPCDMA clients. More...
enum  GpcDmaChannel {
 Defines the GPCDMA channels. More...
enum  XferMode {
 Defines the GPCDMA Mode of Transfer. More...
enum  GpcDmaChStatus {
 Defines the GPCDMA State of Transfer. More...


NvError QbGpcdmaInit (void)
 GPCDMA driver initialization function called during QB initialization. More...