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kernel_dt_service.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Quickboot Interface: Kernel Device Tree Service

Description: This file declares APIs and data structures required for kernel DT services.

Definition in file kernel_dt_service.h.

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Data Structures

struct  DtUartInfoRec
struct  DtUpdateInfoRec


#define DTB_CMDLINE   0x00000001
#define DTB_REVISION   0x00000002
#define DTB_INITRD2   0x00000003
#define DTB_MEMINFO   0x00000005
#define DTB_CVCARVEOUT   0x00000006
#define DTB_RESETSTATUS   0x00000007
#define DTB_FLOORSWEPT   0x00000008
#define DTB_BOARD_INFO   0x00000009
#define DTB_KLOGBUF   0x0000000A
#define DTB_BOOTDATA   0x0000000B
#define DTB_CHIP_VERSION   0x0000000C
#define DTB_BL_VERSIONINFO   0x0000000D
#define DTB_UPDATEINFO   0x0000000E
#define DTB_RATCHETINFO   0x0000000F
#define DT_STRING_LENGTH   20


typedef struct DtUartInfoRec DtUartInfo
typedef struct DtUpdateInfoRec DtUpdateInfo


NvError QbLoadKernelDtbImageFromRAM (void *pHdr, void **pImage, NvU32 *pDtbSize)
 Wrapper function that copies DT from RCM image in RAM to a new address with additional space allocated for nodes to be added by boot loader. More...
NvError QbCreateSpaceinDtb (void)
 Creates space in the DTB for adding nodes and command lines. More...
NvError AddDTTag (NvU32 DTtag, NvU32 DataSize, void *pData)
 Adds or modifies new nodes to DT similar to ATAGS . More...
NvError QbDelDTNode (const NvS8 *pNodeStr)
 Deletes a node from device tree. More...
NvError QbDelProperty (const NvS8 *pNodeStr, const NvS8 *pProperty)
 Deletes the specified property from the given node of the device tree. More...
NvError QbModifyFirstSubnodeProperty (const NvS8 *pCompatible, const NvS8 *pSubNode, const NvS8 *pProp, const NvS8 *pValue)
 Modifies the property value in a sub-node in DTB. More...
NvError QbGetlogBufSize (NvU64 *)
 Get the klog buffer size in MB. More...
NvError QbGetCmdLineFromDtb (NvS8 *pCmdLine, NvU32 Size)
 Get the CmdLine from DTB. More...