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ote_crypto.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Trusted Little Kernel Interface: Cryptography

Description: Declares the cryptography APIs in the TLK.

Definition in file ote_crypto.h.

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Data Structures

struct  te_crypto_operation_info_t
 Holds a crypto operation info object. More...
struct  __te_crypto_operation_t
 Internal data structure for te_crypto_operation_t. More...
struct  te_crypto_rsa_key_t
 Holds internal data for RSA keys. More...
struct  hwrng_cache


#define AES_BLOCK_SIZE   16


typedef struct __te_crypto_object * te_crypto_object_t
typedef struct


enum  te_oper_crypto_algo_t {
  OTE_ALG_AES_ECB_NOPAD = 0x10000010,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CBC_NOPAD = 0x10000110,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CTR = 0x10000210,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CTS = 0x10000310,
  OTE_ALG_AES_ECB = 0x10000510,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CBC = 0x10000610,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CBC_256 = 0x10000710,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CBC_256_NOPAD = 0x10000810,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CMAC_128 = 0x20000110,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CMAC_192 = 0x20000120,
  OTE_ALG_AES_CMAC_256 = 0x20000130,
  OTE_ALG_SHA_HMAC_224 = 0x20000210,
  OTE_ALG_SHA_HMAC_256 = 0x20000220,
  OTE_ALG_SHA_HMAC_384 = 0x20000230,
  OTE_ALG_SHA_HMAC_512 = 0x20000240,
  OTE_ALG_SHA_HMAC_1 = 0x20000250,
  OTE_ALG_RSA_PKCS_OAEP = 0x30000100,
  OTE_ALG_RSA_PSS = 0x30000200,
  OTE_ALG_PKCS1_Block1 = 0x30000300,
  OTE_ALG_DRNG = 0x50000000
 Defines algorithm types. More...
enum  te_oper_crypto_algo_mode_t {
 Defines algrorithm modes. More...


te_error_t te_allocate_object (te_crypto_object_t *obj)
 Allocates memory for a te_crypto_object_t. More...
te_error_t te_populate_object (te_crypto_object_t obj, te_attribute_t *attrs, uint32_t attr_count)
 Populates crypto object from a list of attributes. More...
void te_free_object (te_crypto_object_t obj)
 Frees allocated memory within crypto object. More...
te_error_t te_allocate_operation (te_crypto_operation_t *oper, te_oper_crypto_algo_t algorithm, te_oper_crypto_algo_mode_t mode)
 Allocates memory for crypto operation. More...
te_error_t te_set_operation_key (te_crypto_operation_t oper, te_crypto_object_t obj)
 Allocates memory in the crypto operation and copies the key from the crypto object to the operation object. More...
te_error_t te_cipher_init (te_crypto_operation_t oper, void *iv, size_t iv_size)
 Initializes the operation cipher. More...
te_error_t te_cipher_update (te_crypto_operation_t oper, const void *src_data, size_t src_size, void *dst_data, size_t *dst_size)
 Updates the cipher by calling the operation update function with the supplied parameters. More...
te_error_t te_cipher_do_final (te_crypto_operation_t oper, const void *src_data, size_t src_len, void *dst_data, size_t *dst_len)
 Calls operation do_final with supplied parameters. More...
te_error_t te_rsa_init (te_crypto_operation_t oper)
 Initializes the RSA operation. More...
te_error_t te_rsa_get_modulus_size (te_crypto_operation_t oper, size_t *modulus_size_bytes)
 Returns the RSA modulus size in bytes. More...
te_error_t te_rsa_handle_request (te_crypto_operation_t oper, const void *src_data, size_t src_size, void *dst_data, size_t *dst_size)
 Executes the specified RSA operations. More...
void te_free_operation (te_crypto_operation_t oper)
 Frees operation internal memory. More...
void te_generate_random (void *buffer, size_t size)
 Generates random data. More...
te_error_t te_get_attribute_by_id (te_crypto_object_t object, te_attribute_id_t id, te_attribute_t **ret)
 Finds the first attribute in the crypto object that matches ID. More...
te_error_t te_crypt_data (te_oper_crypto_algo_mode_t mode, te_oper_crypto_algo_t algo, unsigned char *key, unsigned int keysize, unsigned char *iv, unsigned int ivsize, unsigned char *in, unsigned int insize, unsigned char *out, unsigned int *outsize)
 Crypto wrapper around software crypto library. More...