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Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL)

Detailed Description

SIPL provides abstract and simple API to capture the output of image sensors with optional image processing.

SIPL is implemented on top of NvMedia API.

Data Structures

struct  nvsipl::DeviceInfoList
 Defines a list of all external image devices supported by NvSIPL Query (libnvsipl_query.so) and NvSIPL DeviceBlock (libnvsipl_devblk.so). More...
struct  nvsipl::PlatformCfg
 Defines the camera platform configuration. More...


 NvSIPL Camera (libnvsipl.so)
 Provides top-level interfaces to program external image devices and Tegra to create and manage image processing pipelines to receives outputs in NvMediaImage surfaces.
 NvSIPL Query (libnvsipl_query.so)
 Manages a database of information about external devices (deserializer, serializer, sensor, and EEPROM) and the camera platform configurations supported by NvSIPL DeviceBlock (libnvsipl_devblk.so).


enum  nvsipl::SIPLStatus {
  nvsipl::NVSIPL_STATUS_OK = 0,
  nvsipl::NVSIPL_STATUS_ERROR =127
 Defines the status codes returned by functions in Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL) modules. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Defines the status codes returned by functions in Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL) modules.


Indicates the operation completed successfully without errors.


Indicates one or more invalid arguments was encountered.


Indicates an unsupported operation or argument was encountered.


Indicates an out of memory or other system resource error was encountered.


Indicates an operation timed out.


Indicates a module was not initialized.


Indicates a module is in an invalid state.


Indicates an unspecified error that is used when no other error code applies.

Definition at line 38 of file NvSIPLCommon.hpp.