NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
For Test and Development only

Detailed Description

Describes the set of libraries and applications that utilize NVIDIA® software components to accelerate real-time video/image capture and processing use cases. These components include NVIDIA® CUDA® and the NVIDIA interface for EGLStream.

For additional information, see the "NvROS" chapter of the Developer Guide.


 Common Declarations
 Defines common values and error codes for NvROS related functions and NVIDIA® CUDA® processing on the EGL CUDA IO pipeline.
 The EGL CUDO IO library contains the APIs for processing NVIDIA® CUDA® on EGLStreams.
 EGL Utilities
 Defines enums, structs and a class for EGL related utility functions.
 Image Pipeline
 The Image Pipeline library contains the APIs for setting up an image capture pipeline and putting the captured image frames onto EGLStreams.