NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
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Detailed Description

Defines the camera platform configuration.

Describes up to MAX_DEVICEBLOCKS_PER_PLATFORM deserializers connected to Tegra.

Definition at line 52 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

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Data Fields

std::string platform = ""
 Holds the platform name. More...
std::string platformConfig = ""
 Holds the platform configuration name. More...
std::string description = ""
 Holds the platform configuration description. More...
std::uint32_t numDeviceBlocks = 0
 Holds the number of device blocks. More...
DeviceBlockInfo deviceBlockList [MAX_DEVICEBLOCKS_PER_PLATFORM]
 Holds an array of DeviceBlockInfo. More...

Field Documentation

◆ description

std::string nvsipl::PlatformCfg::description = ""

Holds the platform configuration description.

Definition at line 59 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

◆ deviceBlockList

DeviceBlockInfo nvsipl::PlatformCfg::deviceBlockList[MAX_DEVICEBLOCKS_PER_PLATFORM]

Holds an array of DeviceBlockInfo.

Definition at line 65 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

◆ numDeviceBlocks

std::uint32_t nvsipl::PlatformCfg::numDeviceBlocks = 0

Holds the number of device blocks.

This value must be less than MAX_DEVICEBLOCKS_PER_PLATFORM.

Definition at line 63 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

◆ platform

std::string nvsipl::PlatformCfg::platform = ""

Holds the platform name.

For example, "ddpx-a".

Definition at line 55 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

◆ platformConfig

std::string nvsipl::PlatformCfg::platformConfig = ""

Holds the platform configuration name.

Definition at line 57 of file NvSIPLPlatformCfg.hpp.

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