NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
For Test and Development only
NvData64Rec Union Reference

Detailed Description

Generic data representation for both 32 and 64 bits data.

Definition at line 241 of file nvcommon.h.

Data Fields

NvU32 u
NvS32 i
NvF32 f
NvU64 u64
NvS64 i64
NvF64 d

Field Documentation

◆ d

NvF64 NvData64Rec::d

Definition at line 248 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ f

NvF32 NvData64Rec::f

Definition at line 245 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ i

NvS32 NvData64Rec::i

Definition at line 244 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ i64

NvS64 NvData64Rec::i64

Definition at line 247 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ u

NvU32 NvData64Rec::u

Definition at line 243 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ u64

NvU64 NvData64Rec::u64

Definition at line 246 of file nvcommon.h.

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