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Foundation Services Documents
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These additional documents provide details for specialized features and enhancements available for the DRIVE AGX platform. Consult your Customer Support Engineer to learn about these additional features and obtain the documentation.
Foundation Services Documents
Virtualization Programming Guide
Virtualization technology enables running multiple operating system stacks with different security and safety requirements on a single NVIDIA SoC. The Foundation Services virtualization solution is pre-configured to meet most guest OS requirements and configurations. Use the virtualization technology to customize the virtualization partitioning and configuration to meet your design needs.
Communications and Security Service Development Guide
The Communications Service manages the communications of the hardware peripherals.
Guest Virtual Machines (VMs) can access the peripherals as if they were exclusively allocated to that VM.
The Communications Service uses the Security Service to manage the routing of traffic to and from the peripherals, and to and from the guest VM.
The Security Service monitors the communications for potential threats and enacts the appropriate policy once a threat is detected.
The guest VM is not aware of the Security Service.
The guest VM has virtualized drivers that appear, to higher layers, like normal hardware drivers.
Multiple guest VMs can access the same peripheral without knowledge of each other.
Three Layered Safety Supervision Framework Users Guide
Describes the NvGuard three layered safety and supervision framework software functionality, user configuration, and integration details for safety integrity on the platform.
Reference Documentation
DDS is not built by default and it is to be explicitly selected from the options for builds with both SDKM and Docker..
Open Data Distribution Service for Linux User Guide ― Describes using the Data Distribution Service (DDS) on Linux OS. OpenDDS provides a networking middleware for data exchanges using a publish-subscribe pattern for real-time distributed applications. With DDS, interoperability is ensured across different vendors, as well as portability of applications, and high performance.
DDS is not built by default and it is to be explicitly selected from the options for builds with both SDKM and Docker..
DRIVE OS Open Source and Third Party License Catalog ― Provides a catalog of the third party software provided under the requirements of the third party software licenses. Identifies the third party components used in the development of the platform.