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nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Describes the interfaces of SIPL buffer.

Definition at line 115 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

Inheritance diagram for nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer:

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddRef (void)=0
 Adds a reference. More...
virtual SIPLStatus Release (void)=0
 Release a reference. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual void nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer::AddRef ( void  )
pure virtual

Adds a reference.

Adding a reference to the buffer ensures that this buffer is not re-used by another producer/consumer of the buffer.

virtual SIPLStatus nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer::Release ( void  )
pure virtual

Release a reference.

Releasing reference implies that the user has finished working with the buffer and the buffer is available for re-use.

SIPLStatus The status of the operation.

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