NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release

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NvSIPL Camera (libnvsipl.so)

Detailed Description

Provides top-level interfaces to program external image devices and Tegra to create and manage image processing pipelines to receives outputs in NvMediaImage surfaces.

Data Structures

struct  nvsipl::NvSIPLVersion
 Holds the version information of NvSIPL Camera (libnvsipl.so) and NvSIPL Client (libnvsipl.so). More...
class  nvsipl::INvSIPLTrace
 Defines the public interfaces to control the logging/tracing of the libnvsipl.so library for debug purposes. More...
class  nvsipl::INvSIPLCamera
 Defines public data structures and describes the interfaces for NvSIPLCamera. More...


 NvSIPL Client (libnvsipl.so)
 Provides interfaces to retrieve the output of the SIPL Pipeline Manager.
 NvSIPL DeviceBlock (libnvsipl_devblk.so)
 Manages programming of external image devices using NvMediaISC-compatible drivers.
 NvSIPL Pipeline Manager (libnvsipl.so)
 Programs Video Input (VI) and Image Signal Processor (ISP) hardware blocks using NvMedia API to create image processing pipelines for each sensor.