NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release

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1 /*
2  * Copyright (c) 2018-2019, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved. All
3  * information contained herein is proprietary and confidential to NVIDIA
4  * Corporation. Any use, reproduction, or disclosure without the written
5  * permission of NVIDIA Corporation is prohibited.
6  */
15 /*
16  * This header file is a draft and recommended implementation
17  * of SIPL plugin API struct definitions
18  */
23 #include <stdio.h>
24 #include <stdint.h>
26 #include "nvmedia_core.h"
27 #include "nvmedia_isp_stat.h"
28 #include "nvmedia_isc.h"
30 #ifdef __cplusplus
31 extern "C" {
32 #endif
38 typedef struct {
60  uint32_t expProfile;
66 typedef struct {
68  uint32_t numExposures;
76  uint32_t expProfile;
84 typedef struct {
99 typedef struct {
101  uint32_t numPlane;
103  uint32_t width;
105  uint32_t height;
109  uint32_t cfaFormat;
111  uint32_t id;
117 typedef struct {
127 typedef struct {
131  float_t cct;
137 typedef struct
138 {
142  const NvMediaISPLocalAvgClipStats *lacSettings[2];
144  const NvMediaISPHistogramStatsData *histData[2];
146  const NvMediaISPHistogramStats *histSettings[2];
156 typedef struct {
170 typedef struct {
184 typedef struct {
192  float_t ispDigitalGain;
197 #ifdef __cplusplus
198 } /* extern "C" */
199 #endif
201 #endif /* NVSIPL_PLUGINDEF_H */
NvMedia ISP stat struct
float_t cct
Correlated Color Temperature.
Holds controls for histogram statistics (HIST Stats).
uint32_t NvMediaBool
A boolean value, holding NVMEDIA_TRUE or NVMEDIA_FALSE.
Definition: nvmedia_core.h:80
Output image attributes.
uint32_t height
Input image height.
uint32_t numExposures
Holds the parsed embedded data frame number of exposures info for the captured frame.
Holds local average and clip statistics block (LAC Stats).
NvSIPLAutoControlInputImageInfo inputImageInfo
Input image attributes.
NvMediaBool expProfileValid
Exposure profile value is valid or not.
Holds sensor exposure information.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:1010
NvMediaBool valid
Settings to control ISP stats blocks are valid or not.
NvMediaISPHistogramStats hist1
Settings for Histogram 1 stats blocks.
NvMediaRect cropRect
Input image crop location.
NvSIPLAutoControlEmbedInfo embedInfo
Holds the parsed embedded info for the captured frame.
Holds Stats information.
Holds the sensor temperature structure.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:1108
NvMediaBool valid
White balance gains are valid.
Holds flicker band statistics (FB Stats).
Holds controls for local average and clip statistics (LAC Stats).
Holds histogram statistics (HIST Stats).
NvSIPLAutoControlStatsInfo statsInfo
Stats buffers and settings.
Exposure settings for sensor.
uint32_t expProfile
Exposure profile value, such as day and night settings.
NVIDIA Media Interface: Core
NvSIPLAutoControlSensorSetting sensorSetting
Sensor exposure and gain settings.
const NvMediaISPFlickerBandStats * fbStatsSettings
Holds const pointer to Flicker Band stats settings.
NvMediaISCFrameSeqNum frameSeqNum
Holds frame sequence number for the captured frame.
NvMediaISCSensorAttributes sensorAttr
Sensor Attributes.
uint32_t cfaFormat
Input image CFA, define as NVM_SURF_ATTR_COMPONENT_ORDER_XXXX in nvmedia_surface.h.
uint32_t numPlane
Number of input images for ISP to process.
Maximum number of color components.
Holds a rectangular region of a surface.
Definition: nvmedia_core.h:133
const NvMediaISPFlickerBandStatsData * fbStatsData
Holds const pointer to Flicker Band stats data.
Maximum number of sensor contexts.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:120
Input image attributes.
embedded data and parsed info
NvSIPLAutoControlEmbedData embedData
Embedded Settings.
Maximum matrix dimension.
uint8_t numSensorContexts
Holds the number of sensor contexts to activate.
NvMediaISCExposure sensorExpInfo
Holds the parsed embedded data sensor exposure info for the captured frame.
NvSIPLAutoControlAwbSetting awbSetting
AWB settings.
NVIDIA Media Interface: Image Sensor Control (ISC)
NvMediaBool expProfileValid
Exposure profile value is valid or not.
NvSIPLAutoControlStatsSetting newStatsSetting
Settings to config stats.
NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataChunk bottomEmbeddedData
Embedded buffer at the end of the frame.
Input parameters for processing AE/AWB.
NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataChunk topEmbeddedData
Embedded buffer at the beginning of the frame.
NvMediaISCTemperature sensorTempInfo
Holds the parsed embedded data sensor temperature info for the captured frame.
Holds controls for flicker band statistics (FB Stats).
uint32_t width
Input image width.
AE/AWB Output parameters.
float_t ispDigitalGain
Digital gain to be applied in ISP.
Parsed embedded info.
Holds the sensor attributes.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:916
Holds the sensor frame sequence number structure.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:1152
Gains for each color assuming order RGGB, RCCB, RCCC.
Maximum number of input planes.
NvMediaISPFlickerBandStats fbStats
Settings for Flicker Band stats block.
uint32_t expProfile
Exposure profile value, such as day and night settings.
Holds the sensor white balance gain structure.
Definition: nvmedia_isc.h:1039
Settings to config stats.
NvMediaISCWhiteBalance sensorWBInfo
Holds the parsed embedded data sensor white balance info for the captured frame.