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NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Holds configuration information for a Control Algorithm component.

Definition at line 1191 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

Collaboration diagram for NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig:

Data Fields

uint32_t width
 Holds image width. More...
uint32_t height
 Holds image height. More...
NvMediaRawPixelOrder pixelOrder
 Holds image raw pixel order. More...
NvMediaBitsPerPixel bitsPerPixel
 Holds image bits per pixel. More...
 A pointer to a Plugin Control Algorithm function. More...
void * clientContext
 Holds an ISC sensor device handle used to get sensor properties. More...
const char * configOverride
 Holds a pointer to config overrides. More...

Field Documentation

NvMediaBitsPerPixel NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::bitsPerPixel

Holds image bits per pixel.

Definition at line 1199 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

void* NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::clientContext

Definition at line 1204 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

const char* NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::configOverride

Holds a pointer to config overrides.

Must be set to NULL for generic usage.

Definition at line 1209 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

uint32_t NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::height

Holds image height.

Definition at line 1195 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

NvMediaISCDevice* NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::iscSensorDevice

Holds an ISC sensor device handle used to get sensor properties.

Definition at line 1206 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

NvMediaRawPixelOrder NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::pixelOrder

Holds image raw pixel order.

Definition at line 1197 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

NvMediaIPPPluginFuncs* NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::pluginFuncs

A pointer to a Plugin Control Algorithm function.

Set to NULL if no plugin is required.

Definition at line 1202 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

uint32_t NvMediaIPPControlAlgorithmComponentConfig::width

Holds image width.

Definition at line 1193 of file nvmedia_ipp.h.

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