DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

Landmark Detector End-to-End Init Workflow

The following code snippet demonstrates the general structure of a program utilizing Landmark Perception to detect landmarks from a single camera. Error handling is left out for clarity.

Initializing the End-to-End Network

dwMapNetParams mapNetParams{};
dwMapNet_initialize(&mapNetHandle, &mapNetParams, sdkHandle);

Modifying Additional End-to-End Network Initialization Settings and Initialize Detector

uint32_t frameWidth;
uint32_t frameHeight;
// initialize parameters
dwLandmarkDetector_initializeDefaultParams(&params, frameWidth, frameHeight, sdkHandle));
dwLandmarkDetector_initializeFromMapNet(&landmarkDetectorHandle, mapNetHandle, params, frameWidth, frameHeight, sdkHandle);
// initialize end-to-end post processing parameters
dwLRNPostProcessingParam regressorParam;
dwLandmarkDetector_setPostProcessingParam(regressorParam, landmarkDetectorHandle);

Detecting Landmark Markings from a Video Sequence

dwLandmarkDetection landmarks{};
while (true)
dwLandmarkDetector_detectLandmarks(&lanes, &landmarks, frame, landmarkDetectorHandle);

Releasing the Module Handles when Finished


For a more detailed workflow, please refer to the following samples: