NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
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Detailed Description

Extensible attribute structure for NvRmGpuDeviceOpen()

Use NVRM_GPU_DEFINE_DEVICE_OPEN_ATTR() to define the attribute variable with defaults.
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Definition at line 467 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

Data Fields

NvRmGpuSyncType syncType
 The default sync type for this device. More...
bool sandboxFriendlyChannels
 Ignored field. More...

Field Documentation

◆ sandboxFriendlyChannels

bool NvRmGpuDeviceOpenAttrRec::sandboxFriendlyChannels

Ignored field.

This field is not in use anymore. It used to specify between sandboxable channels (in Android web browser context) and regular channels. Sandboxable channels used to require extra resources, but that is not true anymore and channels are always sandbox-friendly.

Default: false

This field should be removed.

Definition at line 493 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

◆ syncType

NvRmGpuSyncType NvRmGpuDeviceOpenAttrRec::syncType

The default sync type for this device.

This field should be left with the default value. Use NvRmGpuChannelAttr::defaultSyncType. NvRmGpuChannelKickoffPbAttr() also accepts mixing the kickoff sync types with NvRmGpuChannelKickoffPbAttr::completionSyncType .

Default: NvRmGpuSyncType_Default

It is a fatal error to request an unsupported sync type.
This field should be removed.

Definition at line 481 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

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