NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
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Detailed Description

Device list entry.

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Definition at line 285 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

Data Fields

int deviceIndex
 Internal device index. Used in NvRmGpuDeviceOpen() More...
NvRmGpuLibDeviceState deviceState
 Device attachment state. More...
bool hasDeviceStateControl
 Indicates whether the device can be attached/detached by the user. More...
const char * name
 Informative device name. More...

Field Documentation

◆ deviceIndex

int NvRmGpuLibDeviceListEntryRec::deviceIndex

Internal device index. Used in NvRmGpuDeviceOpen()

Definition at line 288 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

◆ deviceState

NvRmGpuLibDeviceState NvRmGpuLibDeviceListEntryRec::deviceState

Device attachment state.

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Definition at line 293 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

◆ hasDeviceStateControl

bool NvRmGpuLibDeviceListEntryRec::hasDeviceStateControl

Indicates whether the device can be attached/detached by the user.

See also
NvRmGpuLibAttachDevice(), NvRmGpuLibDetachDevice()

Definition at line 299 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

◆ name

const char* NvRmGpuLibDeviceListEntryRec::name

Informative device name.

This is the 'probe' name of the device. The name is backend-specific. Examples:

  • nouveau:/dev/dri/renderD128
  • nvgpu:/dev/nvhost-gpu
  • nvgpu:/dev/nvgpu-pci/card-0001:15:00.0
The path is informational only. If probe-time device identification is required, please file a feature request.

Definition at line 310 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

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