NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
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Detailed Description

Extensible attribute structure for NvRmGpuLibOpen()

This structure specifies the attributes for opening the nvrm_gpu library. Use NVRM_GPU_DEFINE_LIB_OPEN_ATTR() to define the attribute struct with defaults.


// define libOpenAttr with default values

// open the library
NvRmGpuLib *hLib = NvRmGpuLibOpen(&libOpenAttr);
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Definition at line 150 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

Data Fields

uint32_t reserved
 Dummy field for C/C++ ABI compatibility. More...

Field Documentation

◆ reserved

uint32_t NvRmGpuLibOpenAttrRec::reserved

Dummy field for C/C++ ABI compatibility.

Definition at line 153 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

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