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NvData32Rec Union Reference

Detailed Description

Union that can be used to view a 32-bit word as your choice of a 32-bit unsigned integer, a 32-bit signed integer, or an IEEE single-precision float.

Here is an example of how you might use it to extract the (integer) bitwise representation of a floating-point number: NvData32 data; data.f = 1.0f; printf("%x", data.u);

Definition at line 231 of file nvcommon.h.

Data Fields

NvU32 u
NvS32 i
NvF32 f

Field Documentation

◆ f

NvF32 NvData32Rec::f

Definition at line 235 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ i

NvS32 NvData32Rec::i

Definition at line 234 of file nvcommon.h.

◆ u

NvU32 NvData32Rec::u

Definition at line 233 of file nvcommon.h.

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