Setting Up Access to the nv-git-07 Server

This section provides step-by-step instructions for accessing the nv-git-07 NVIDIA Git server from your Linux host machine.


Before you can use the nv-git-07 Git server, you must have credentials for an NVONLINE account. These credentials are an email address and a password. To obtain these credentials, request them from your NV account manager. After the approval process, you will be issued your NVONLINE account credentials.

Signing on to nv-git-07

Use your browser and your NVONLINE credentials to sign on to nv-git-07.
To sign on
1. Browse to the Web interface for Gerrit:
2. In the upper right corner click the Sign In link.
3. In the login dialog, enter your NVONLINE email address and password.

Entering Account Information

After signing in, you must enter your account information in Gerrit.
To enter account information
1. In the upper right corner, click the Settings link.
2. In the navigation pane, click Profile, and then in the Username field enter your Linux username. If you do not know your username, run this command from your shell:
echo $USER
3. In the navigation pane, click Contact Information.
4. If the Contact Information dialog it is not already populated, enter your first and last name in the Full Name box. If you do not do this, your name will look something like: "Anonymous Coward (38)."
5. In the navigation pane, click SSH Public Keys, and then from your Linux machine enter the following command to get your public key:
cat ~/.ssh/
6. Copy and paste the public key into the appropriate box in Gerrit.
For further information on creating SSH keys, browse to the following site:

Verifying the SSH Connection to Gerrit

Before using Gerrit, you should verify the SSH connection is working.
To verify your Gerrit SSH configuration
1. From your shell enter the following command:
ssh [-c aes128-cbc] -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects
Where [-c aes128-cbc] specifies one of the supported ciphers, if necessary. If -c aes128-cbc is required, append the following to ~/.ssh/config:
Match Host
Ciphers +aes128-cbc
2. Answer "yes" to the following prompt:
The authenticity of host '[]:29418 ([]:29418)' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is ab:cd:ef:01:02:02:02:02:ba:dc:0f:fe:02:ba:dd:dd.
$ Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
3. Enter the ls-projects command once more, and verify that you do not see the "The authenticity of host nnnn can't be established" error message:
ssh [-c aes128-cbc] -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects
If you do see an error message, something is wrong with your SSH key. Check the following:
Did you paste your private key instead of your public key?
Is your username correct?