Using the MCU Console

Once the target is connected, the MCU prompt displays in the serial console. Use the MCU console to run commands and get information from the MCU.

UART Settings

The serial communication settings for the MCU console are as follows:
Baud rate: 115200 bits per second (bps)
Data: 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop

MCU Console Commands

The MCU console commands are as follows.
Power cycle board including AURIX.
cemode [read|write] [n]
Reads or write CE Mode in inforom.
cimrom get sku
Gets the information from CIM I2C ROM.
date [0x12345678]
Sets the date = 0x12345678 on AURIX in seconds (Unix style).
Displays the supported commands.
i2cread x y z n
Reads 'n' bytes from device 'y' at offset 'z' of I2C-controller 'x' (all hex-byte-values).
i2cscan [0|1]
Scans all connected I2C devices at I2C module 0 or 1.
i2cwrite x y z n b0 b1 ...
Writes 'n' bytes to device 'y' at offset 'z' , values Byte-b0, Byte-b1 .... of I2C-controller 'x' (all hex-byte-values).
inforom [dump]
Dumps the Inforom M24C02 content in hex format.
Turns main power on and allows resets.
Sets the outputs to system power off state.
Reads NvRam content.
setdio [0|1] [on|off]
Sets DIO pin on Aurix '0 = AURIX_LED1 | 1 = AURIX_LED2' to on/off.
tegrarecovery [x1|x2|cvm] [on|off]
Sets the device in recovery mode.
tegrareset [x1|x2|cvm] [h]
Resets the device. Default is X1. If -h option is supplied, then holds the specified SoC in reset.
cansetbr [a|b|c|d|e|f] [125|250|500|1000] [1000|2000]
Switches the baudrate of requested CAN channel to supported baudrate.
cycliccanon [CAN|CANFD|CANEx|All]
Switches on cyclic CAN/CANFD/CANEx messages
cycliccanoff [CAN|CANFD|CANEx|All]
Switches off cyclic CAN/CANFD/CANEx messages
Switches gPTP on (AURIX as PTP master).
Switches gPTP off.
Displays the AURIX internal status.
bootstrap [x1|x2] [qspi|emmc|ufs]
Configures strap settings for boot medium.
Applies to QNX:
setl3ssstate [on|off]
Enables/disables the L3SS Safety Service. The aurixreset command must be executed after setting the state to ON or OFF.
Applies to QNX:
Gets the current L3SS Safety Service state to identify where it is ON or OFF.
Shows the software version.
setdfltbtchain [x1|x2] [A|B]
Set default boot chain configuration for Tegra x1/x2 to A or B
Get default boot chain configuration for Tegra x1 & x2
setnxtbtchain [x1|x2] [alt|bflt]
Set next boot chain for Tegra x1/x2 to alternative/default
Get next boot chain configuration for x1 & x2
sethyperionconfig  [0x00-0x02]
Set Hyperion Configuration to any of the below supported configuration
0x00 - Non- hyperion
0x01 - Hyperion - 7
0x02 - Hyperion - 8
Get configured Hyperion configuration